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Pandaguan by FranzDG
Pandaguan by Justin Grey
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(Narrated by Pedro Alonzo from the book Pandaguan: Bakit Namamatay ang Tao?)

There was once a time when man did not die. They were blessed by the bathala, Kaptan -- and therefore the early people lived in peace. They never got sick because the land, air, and sea were clean. They never experienced war or crime because they were few and the beautiful earth provided more than enough food for them to eat.

There lived then, a couple named Pandaguan and Lupluban, with their only child Anoranor, and they all lived by the sea. Padaguan was very creative and was fond of creating things. He thought of something new to make everyday, from things that would help Lupluban do the housework to toys for Anoranor.

One day, he made a fish-net. He gathered vines from the forest which he smoothed and dipped in the ocean to strengthen. He then wove the vines to make a strong, large fishnet. Then, he went out to try it.

The net caught a large shark! Pandaguan pulled the net to shore, and was delighted at its strength.

But the shark died as soon as its body was exposed to the heat of the sun. Pandaguan got scared and he did not understand why the shark died. He started to cry out loud.

Kaptan head Pandaguan's cry. It was the first time he heard a man cry, so he sent his servants -- the flies, to investigate. The greedy flies who were eating at the time did not follow Kaptan's orders. In anger, the god cursed the flies. Since then, flies wander around aimlessly and alight on anything they can eat.

Kaptan then summoned a horn beetle and ordered it to descend to earth. The beetle responded right away. It saw the crying Pandaguan beside the dead shark by the shore. It immediately told Kaptan what it saw.

The all powerful god was filled with even more rage. He grabbed sharp lightning and angrily threw it towards the earth. Pandaguan was struck and burned by lightning, and was instantly brought to the After-life. He was the first man to reach the After-Life.

News spread fast about Pandaguan's fate. Lupluban mourned her husband's death. People visited and sympathized with Lupluban. One of her visitors was Maracoyrun. Maracoyrun was in love with Lupluban so he was secretly delighted with what happened to Pandaguan.

Maracoyrun took advantage of Lupluban's widowhood. "Do not grieve," he tempted the widow. "I will take care of you and love you more than Pandaguan ever did." Maracoyrun did not stop courting Lupluban until she finally relented to stop him from courting her.

Pandaguan stayed in the After-life for 30 days. He was sad and lonely in the After-Life because he missed his wife and son very much. He wept for thirty days, because he loved Lupluban very very much. Moved with pity, Kaptan sent Pandaguan back to earth.

Pandaguan arrived home from the After-Life and saw Anoranor all alone. Anoranor was surprised and delighted that his father had returned to earth. He told his father what happened. He also told him that Lupluban and Maracoyrun were feasting in the neighboring town. Pandaguan ordered Anoranor to fetch Lupluban from the feast.

Lupluban was drunk when Anoranor came to fetch her. She could not believe Anoranor's news! "How can a dead man return to life? she asked. "Your child is daydreaming," whispered Macoyrun softly in her ear. They continued feasting, and Lupluban sent Anoranor home, alone.

Pandaguan felt himself die a second time when Anoranor went home alone. Deeply disappointed, he asked Kaptan to send him back to the Afterlife. Since then, anyone who reaches the After-Life could never return to earth. Old folks say that if only Lupluban believed that Panduguan had come back from the After-Life, no one would ever die.

Written by Roberto Alonzo
Illustrated by Albert Gamos

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